Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dear Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington, Wa

Peter Hutchinson - your letter regarding my concerns about my experience in your ER department is more insulting than the experience itself. Over the last 7 years I've dealt with a few bad experiences, but no one has ever been as rude & insulting as Dr. Peet was to me that night. 

In this small town, I don't have many emergency choices. "...his intention was to treat you with with respect, but..." Really? Apologies do not contain "but". " spite of our best intentions there is often some level of misunderstanding." Again, really? Then I would say this is a big RED FLAG for your hospital to truly consider how you communicate with patients. Medical care should not include "misunderstanding". 

I'm posting this on a public venue in hopes it'll get your attention. Clearly my phone call wasn't enough. You might consider including a way for people to reach the hospital on your website - other than just the phone. In that expensive new facility I'm sure someone, somewhere has an email.

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