Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Naked Coworkers

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

how do you talk to naked people?

We have a new locker policy at work and its cause more and more people to use the shower/bathroom.

I walked in the other day to go pee to a lady getting out of the shower. Naked of course. I politely averted my eyes and proceeded directly to the nearest open stall.

As I was peeing (I can say that on here right, its not vulgar or anything I hope) I wondered if the new changes meant they now had shampoo in the showers.

So I asked! Why not, right? Yea, I'm taking a pee but she was naked so whats it matter?

From my stall I asked the naked lady, "Hey do they have shampoo in those showers now?"

"Yea," she said "soap and conditioner too. Not very good conditioner but better than nothing."

I agreed, zipped up my pants and proceeded directly to the sink (taking care to look straight ahead and not at the lady towling off).

While I washed my hands, the lady asked me a question. I didn't hear her so I said "What?" still taking care not to look at her.

She repeated herself but with the water running I still didn't hear.

This is the moment I got uncomfortable. How do you carry on a conversation wtih a naked chick while you are dressed - I mean I didn't want to look at her to hear better and I didn't want to keep asking "what?" like a hard of hearing person. Thats when I thought - there needs to be a locker ettiqute guide or something!

You guys should help me cause I'm new to this "you-just-want-to-go-to-the-bathroom-but-there-will-be-vaious-naked-coworkers-there" routine. Help?!

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